Digital Marketing

Why Florida Businesses Should Invest In SEO

Over the years, SEO has built its fair share of misconceptions; we’ve heard that it’s reserved for rich companies, only worthwhile for those of a certain size, and many other things. Today, we’re here to set the record straight with a list of reasons why Florida businesses should invest in SEO.

Local SEO 

Even if your only interest is to appeal to the locals, SEO is still a wise investment. Thanks to mobile devices, people are always using Google and other search engines to look for local businesses. Whether it’s a local hair salon, restaurant, or dentist, the internet is the place to go. With a Google My Business profile, they will see your name when searching for a business of your type. The more information you provide, the more likely they are to choose you. Therefore, we recommend entering your address, business information, prices, services, and more.

It’s normal to focus on the online world with SEO, but it also increases offline sales. You don’t need to be an international eCommerce brand to benefit from SEO; the more that people search online for local services, the more people will walk through your door as a result of their research…but only if you’re willing to spend your money on local SEO.

Return on Investment

When we mention SEO, the common response is to talk about the money it requires. However, the potential return on this investment will make it all worthwhile. As the name suggests, the goal of this practice is to optimize your position on search engines. The higher you go, the more organic traffic you receive. Why is this a good investment? Unlike advertising campaigns, where you pay for individual visits, organic search will allow you to generate traffic for as long as you stay near the top of results. One investment can lead to thousands of leads over a period of months and years (of course, you might need to maintain your position).

Trust and Credibility 

There’s no doubt about it, the majority of people these days research a product or brand online before investing their money. If your name appears towards the top of search results, you’ll immediately get credibility, and consumers will know to trust you. If your link is that good to appear on page one of results, this tells consumers that you can be trusted.

Quality Leads 

If we compare to digital advertising for a moment, the problem with paying for ads on social media is that a certain percentage of the investment will go to waste – the ads go to people who don’t have an interest in the brand/product. With SEO, you know that each lead is a quality one. Why? Because they decided to make the search (it’s not like they typed in the keywords and found your page by accident). You appeared because your website has an answer to their question, and it’s possible to convert from here.

Increased Conversion and Growth

Ultimately, as a result of all of these benefits, and increased reviews online, the brand enjoys more conversions and you’re able to grow. Without SEO, you’re allowing every single prospective customer to stumble across your competitors rather than your own service. There’s a huge group of people searching for a service or product of your type, and the best way to access them in 2020 and beyond is SEO.

To get started, we recommend laying the foundations by learning what customers search for, optimizing your website for mobile devices, creating pages that are optimized for keywords and phrases, and building authority with genuinely useful and interesting content (this will generate links!).