Using Mobile Apps To Unlock Your Car And More

Smartphone Apps To Unlock Card Doors

unlock car with mobile appThe smartphone has revolutionized how people live their lives. Phones are used for directions, most taxi services including Lyft and Uber have cell phones mounted to their dashboards for navigation. This makes it convenient for anyone committing to quickly access apps like Google maps to easily find the quickest route to their destination. Navigation convenience aside, smartphones provide other convention features that motorists can benefit from. 

 Find My Phone Functionality 

If you have a child that has recently gotten their drivers license, or maybe they are traveling with a friend, the find my phone feature is an excellent way to keep tabs on your traveler. You can set your phone up in advance to keep track of family members and loved ones so that if they do get lost or stranded you have the ability to locate them in a timely manner. 

Unlock Your Car Door With A Remote App

The smartphone has so many features, would you believe that unlocking your car doors is one of them. For years, stranded motorists had to call a locksmith to unlock their car doors. Nowadays, with the right technology installed, you can unlock your car door from the convenience of your smartphone. Cellular technology has allowed mobile users to benefit from the luxuries that mobile devices provide. Having the right apps at the right time can truly be a lifesaver. 

True GPS Navigation 

gps on mobile devicesDepending on how old you are, you may remember the days of clunky GPS systems mounted to the dashboard of your vehicle. Today, everyone has access to true GPS navigation while they drive, making commuting long distances more convenient than ever. Many new vehicles have built-in computer systems that offer GPS navigation by voice command. 

Car owners have it easier than ever to navigate the roads and access their cars with remote apps. Most newer cars have keyless entries, and instead, use key fobs. Knowing this, will your smartphone one day act as a key fob for your vehicle? Will locksmiths be able to open these computer reliant keyless doors? Only time will tell, or maybe if we asked a local locksmith about the hassles of unlocking keyless doors, they would share some of their stories with us.

Our Top 5 Best Smartphone Apps Available For Cars

Getting locked out of your car will require a locksmith, but what happens when you forgot where you parked it? This can be an issue for some, so having a mobile app that helps you track your vehicle can be of value if this is common for you. Using GPS to locate your vehicle isn’t a new concept, but it has never been bundled into a mobile app with such convenience. This will be very helpful for parking at the airport, concert stadium, sports venue, or other larger gathering where limited parking is available. 

I you’re thinking about buying or selling a vehicle, a total car check is a great tool you can use to find out the history of the vehicle you are thinking about buying. Information about mileage history, ownership, registration, accidents, and other details that would beneficial to know prior to purchase may be available. Entering the registration number of the vehicle should pull the data stored for that given car. 

This automotive app is pretty slick, you’re not going to be able to unlock your car door remotely, but you will be able to check the diagnosis of your car. The mobile device connects to your vehicle’s computer system through a proprietary connection that bridges the app and your phone to the car’s computer. It will generate model-specific error codes that will allow you to identify any issues your car may be having. 

Traffic sucks, and trying to navigate the roads during rush hour can be next to impossible without a little help from the can above. GPS satellites beaming data to your smartphone is the can I’m referring to. With this data populating the Wars app on your smartphone, you can easily access information about traffic reports that otherwise may not have been available to you. User-contributed data makes this app appealing, as local commuters can enter in the details of the area, and that will help you navigate efficiently. This is especially useful if you have recently moved. 

Remember the days of radar detectors on your dashboard? Your smartphone can provide you with the same warnings and notifications as you travel around the city. Using real-time alerts, GPS, and solid app design, this mobile app is great for knowing when you may run into a speed trap, cameras, or a live citizen on patrol trying to catch you doing 42 in a 35.

This is a pretty cool app for car owners, and especially for those who don’t know cars and what mechanics mean when they talk to them. An app like this puts automotive terminology into layman’s terms. Knowing what actually needs to be done can make the decision-making process easier for car owners. Check out this app and learn more about your vehicle today!