THINK! Don’t use mobile phones while driving

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THINK! Don’t use mobile phones while driving
Using any mobile phone when driving is dangerous. See the THINK website for more information on the dangers of using mobiles while driving.

THINK! website:


16 thoughts on “THINK! Don’t use mobile phones while driving

  1. Someone almost ran me over once for being on a phone, they mounted the kerb
    and headed straight for me, luckily the kerb was high enough to make him
    notice and he swerved away and sped off, carrying on his conversation

  2. Theses adverts like talking on the phone texting while driving are a lesson
    2 is all even when you’re a perfusion crossing the road don’t use your
    phone I’ve listen 2 music 2 loud and car came near me it was my own fault
    but with the phone it’s much worse coz even tho,u can hear you’re still
    distracted you’re playing with your life and fire so please ( I know it’s
    not easy I’ve been guilty of this) keep both hands on the steering wheel
    and eyes on the road and those like myself who walk etc don’t talk or send
    a text while crossing the road it’s not worth the risk Xx

  3. There should be an automatic one month ban for the first offence plus the
    fine never mind the proposed 4 points.

  4. Let’s see these PIB’s (Public Information Broadcasts) put to better use by
    using them on the TV, instead of the ANNOYING ADVERTS we see daily. Maybe
    then, and it’s only a maybe, there will be less destruction and death on
    the roads.

  5. Mk so basicly he looks left then a teleporting car crashes in to him like
    he was looking at the road the entire time

  6. The thing is this is a sensible law whilst moving, but if I decide to
    review an email or text very quickly at traffic lights when stationary
    without even replying, which is what at least 1/3 motorists admit doing, am
    I a danger to anyone. Not really. But how many people in uk have had points
    for just that. Lots probably. Nanny state. What next…. No eating apples
    or smoking whilst driving, remove hands free devices or stereo, or talking
    is banned in cars. It’s how we have all these laws which don’t get sensibly

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