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The Condition of Internet in New Mexico

The 49th most-connected state in US happens to be New Mexico. In the list of connectivity, it is not at the top, however, that does not mean the state doesn’t have a lot of options for you. Thankfully, New Mexico has access to some of the best internet providers which the country has to offer. From Xfinity to Spectrum to HughesNet, the list contains many well-known and well-loved internet providers. The best thing about internet in New Mexico is that the providers can offer you with a plan as low as $35 monthly (on an average). Different types of connections like fiber, cable, satellite and DSL are all available. If the citizens of the Land of Enchantment smartly shop for their best internet plans, then they are bound to enjoy many different advantages.

Statistics you need to know about

  • Around 70-77% of residents of New Mexico enjoy internet speed of 100Mbps or more.
  • Fortunately, around 100% of residents have access to at least 1 satellite provider.
  • A minimum speed of 25Mbps is accessible for 100% of New Mexican.
  • DSL are accessible for 40-49% of residents. While 70-74% of residents have an access to cable type of connection.
  • Around 6% of New Mexican have access to fiber type.

So, when shopping for internet in New Mexico, do keep these statistics in mind and choose accordingly.

High-speed Internet

According to averages from speed test, it was discovered that residents of New Mexico enjoys an average download speed of 93.1Mbps. This average speed is higher than many high-ranking states, and you should definitely take the advantage of this. If you are not promised this kind of speed then it is mainly because access to high-speed internet connection (wired) happens to be inconsistent in many different areas of New Mexico. Generally, the southeast and northeast parts get the best coverage.

Digital Divide

When it comes to affordability and availability, there happens to be a significant separation between those who have access to low-price internet connection and those who don’t. Because of this digital division around 342,000 people in New Mexico still do not have access to wired broadband connection. However, around 80-83% of resident have such a connection with speed of 25Mbps or faster. Besides, around 387,000 residents have access to only one internet provider (wired). So, if they are unsatisfied with the pricing or their provider’s services, then they do not have the option to turn to another provider. Here it is also important to mention that around 122,000 New Mexicans do not have any kind of internet providers (wired) where they live.

With the help of affordability data, it was seen that around 10-12.5% of residents have an access to internet plan which costs $50-60 or less/month. The national average is around 50-51.5%, so it is much lower than the national average.

Worst-connected cities of New Mexico

Because of the digital division, there are many places in New Mexico which are known for being the worst-connected cities. Some of these places are Taos Ski Valley, Sunspot, Lincoln, Malaga and Lakewood.

Best-connected cities of New Mexico

On the other hand, some of the best-connected cities happen to be Roswell, Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, Clovis and Las Cruces.

If you are looking for internet in Clovis, you need to keep this in mind. Contact a capable internet provider in your area and talk to them about your requirements. They will be able to guide you properly so that you can get the best possible plan for you.

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