Samsung Smart Switch Mobile: How To Transfer Phone

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Samsung Smart Switch Mobile: How To Transfer Phone





30 thoughts on “Samsung Smart Switch Mobile: How To Transfer Phone

  1. Very good information in this video about phone to phone transfer . Lat month one of my close friend used Wondershare MobileTrans which is One Click Phone to Phone Transfer Support utility as he told me . I will happy to recommend for others with the best performance to use when they need

  2. hi there what if there is a contact from the old phone however i am already have contact from Google account gmail. do they? will double the contacts? thank you

  3. man i love you for this video lol..i just got a new phone because i cracked my last screen…i was googling & youtubing transfers..soooooooooo glad i found your video

  4. Can you put your number onto a new phone? I have a phone that’s turned on and a new one that isn’t, I want to switch my number over to it the new one so I can start using it

  5. So my phone to be replace is a Samsung Galaxy Rugby Pro, and the new phone is a Galaxy S6 Active. When I try to obtain the Samsung Smart Switch Mobil app on my Rugby Pro, it says the phone is not compatible? What other options are there for copying my contacts, favorites, etc. from my Rugby Pro to my S6 Active?

  6. I have to say I was lost until this video. Super easy, and you are awesome for sharing. thanks so much..

  7. I have a question, on my new smartphone it doesn’t have a notepad but my old one does can I transfer that to my new one?

  8. Will this work if my old phone is no longer hooked to a network. I installed the app then transferred my phone number to the new phone and my old phone no longer has data. Will it work?

  9. wake up. That fkn program just kidding to da face, and nothing wants to transfer! Saying “not enough space on this phone”. This is just fkn fake.

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