Safety Management Software For Mobile

Manage Workplace Incidents From Your Smartphone

health and safety management softwareIt’s important that workplace safety is a priority for every business. Have the ability to track safety incidents will be important for maintaining an injury-free workplace. Injury logs were once written into journals for record-keeping, now there are software solutions that allow you to track and manage incidents so that they can be prevented in the future. It’s never been easier than it is now to access safety management software from the screen of your smartphone. EHS incident reporting software was designed to make the workplace a safer environment for employees and customers. Documenting these incidents using a mobile software interface allows you to log data live at the scene of the incident. Mobile safety tracking software allows you to stay on the scene, capture the information, and be present while the incident is being investigated.

There are plenty of health and safety software packages on the market, but like anything else, they are not all equal. While some allow detailed reporting, image uploads, and live video recordings for capturing footage at the scene, others don’t offer these advanced features which might prevent you from gathering all the necessary data should the incident escalate into legal issues.

Incident management software should be conveniently accessible, not only from your smartphone but from your laptop and desktop computers as well. With cloud-based storage and processing, multiple users should be able to audit a report at the same time. Multi-user login credentials are important for maximizing efficiency. These mobile apps should also support the following incident management features.

Incident Management Software Features

• Reporting and Inspection
• Training Management
• Equipment Management
• Scheduled Tasks and Notifications
• Access to Resources
• Full Control Over Functionality

By utilizing an incident management software that offers these features you will empower your team with the tools needed to properly track and manage incidents within the workplace. Mobile variations of this reporting software are the key to its efficiency. With customizable user interfaces, these incident management tools will help you keep you and your team safe from accidental injury, all while collecting the data needed to implement safety training through real-time feedback and software training solutions.