Remote Automotive App

Automotive Application For Starting Vehicles Remotely

mobile app for remote starter

Most of us can’t imagine how much cooler cellular technology can get, we now have cell phones in our pockets that are more powerful than the computers manufactured in the 1980’s. It’s no surprise though that the devices are getting faster and the applications are becoming more sophisticated. Those of us that have had the opportunity of enjoying a smart car can appreciate the marriage of the two devices. My smartphone routes call and text messages through the sound system of my vehicle can play my music playlists via Bluetooth and have built-in USB adapters on my console to charge my phone while driving. Combine the vehicles GPS system with the Google Maps App and you have yourself a combination of travel that was never accessible before.

Well, it’s getting even more convenient and scary at the same time. There is now a mobile application that has the ability to unlock your vehicle, start your engine, and turn on your heater or air conditioning unit from just about anywhere on the planet. Viper alarms have been around for a long time, I remember their commercials in the 90’s. They now have a new mobile app called Viper SmartStart, it’s a security system and remote start system built into one piece of technology. The mobile app is now available and can be downloaded from the Apple App Store for free.

With a Viper remote car starting system installed in your vehicle, you can use the advanced features of this app to get the most out of your system. With a few swipes of your iPhone screen, you can open your car, start it, and adjust the temperature. While most remote starters have limited range, the Viper remote can start your car from virtually anywhere using your Apple phone and the free application as long as you are connected to your cellular network.

installation of viper hardware

The ability to unlock the car for your wife or kid remotely is priceless! No more calling a locksmith at 1 am or standing outside in a cold empty parking lot, if any family members possess a smartphone with the Viper application installed they can come to the rescue no matter where they are in the world. Car owners just need to get the Viper SmartStart hardware installed in their vehicles before taking advantage of this mobile luxury. The remote mobile application is also capable of triggering Vipers security alarm in panic situations. “Installation is pretty quick and painless” according to lead mechanic Jason Lucas of KD Automotive in Redmond. “Typical installation happens within a day of dropping the vehicle off at our shop”. “With cold temperatures in Washington State leaving car windows frozen over its convent to have a remote starter to defrost those windows and heat the interior during winter months.”

The mobile application is totally free of charge and available in the Apple App Store. The Viper Systems range in price and can be found used on Ebay, Craigslist, and other online auction sites. The services is another expense, the first year of service when purchased new is free, but after that, you are looking at about $5-$9 dollars a month for monitoring and support depending on your service plan.