Pet Scan Pest Control Application

Mobile Application For Pest Control Companies

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There are plenty of do it yourself exterminators patrolling their own yards looking for signs of rodents and seasonal pests. There also happens to be plenty of small time pest control companies that are a one man show, both of these guys could use the added convenience of a mobile pest control application. Imagine being able to monitor traps, receive reminders on the go, and setup new services from the connivence of your mobile device. There is now a mobile pest control application called Pet Scan Pest Control and it’s available on Android.

For the do it yourself exterminator keeping your home pest free can be an overwhelming experience, even more so if you are facing a sudden infestation of insects or rodents. The home is vulnerable to entry by insects and rodents at any time of the day, there are openings that exist that go unnoticed and if unprepared they can become entry points for your worst enemy. Now imagine of you had these entry points documented and you could monitor them from a mobile device? With seasonal alarms to remind you to check up on the repairs and confirm they are still good for the coming season. There are nasty little insects like cockroaches that can enter your home through the tiniest crevice or crack, they can even enter through your sewer pipes.

The best way to manage the problem is to hire a pest control company to come in and provide the initial spray. This will exterminate existing pests and provide a short term solution for keeping others out. After the initial spray, you can manage the rest of your pest control efforts from the mobile app.

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This is a great option for the homeowner, but what about a pest control company? Could this app be efficient enough for a larger Pest Control company, or is it reserved for the smaller guys? We asked Jonathan Anderson of Green Home Pest Control how effective a mobile app like Pet Scan Pest Control would be for his company and he had this to say. “When I first started I could have used something like this when I was out in the field, but now we have a pretty solid operation, multiple trucks, and technicians and wouldn’t have a use of the app at the moment. I definitely see it being something a startup pest control company could use to stay organized and manage customers”.

There is no question that when there is a rodent or insect infestation that is beyond your abilities you should call in a professional Pest control company to rid your property of those pests. However, if it’s a small problem that can be managed by the homeowner then, by all means, give it a try. Download the mobile app and track your pest control progress as you self-spray and lay traps in and around your property. A home that is not properly maintained on a consistent schedule can become vulnerable to infestation. Ants and cockroaches will be the first to take advantage of your lack of treatment if you let it go, they are often the most invasive intruders for homeowners. They both travel in colonies, large groups of them nest and gather to reproduce and build armies. Gross!

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Using a pest control app on your mobile phone will give you constant reminders that these issues need to be tended to. Larger rodents like raccoons, or rats can be monitored with Wifi surveillance that can stream to the mobile app. This will allow you to monitor traps and cages that you might have set around your yard.

If your problem is beyond that of some Raid pest control, glue paper, and a convenient pest control app we suggest that you call in a professional pest control specialist to assess the problem. The infestation may prove to be more severe than initially anticipated. Otherwise download the mobile app and give it a try!