Motorcycle Handlebar Mount with Mobile Phone Waterproof Case

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Motorcycle Handlebar Mount with Mobile Phone Waterproof Case
This UltimateAddons waterproof case is ideal for iPhones Samsung Galaxy S HTC Mobile Phones and many more. For more information and to find the right motorcycle mount for you visit:


4 thoughts on “Motorcycle Handlebar Mount with Mobile Phone Waterproof Case

  1. Hello, Does this do o.k when your riding and cornering? does it not swivel about and go in all directions?

  2. Hi the mounts can be tightened up so they do not move about while riding. The above is on a KTM 990 SM which does not have a screen so it does not have any protection from the wind and it is fine if you just to about 6 mins + you will see it while the bike is moving, i had the fly screen on but has since been removed as the bike looks nicer without it 🙂

  3. Ohh yeah ha, patience ay… Yeah think i will be investing in one of these rather than buying a £400 sat nav, my phones got sat nav so can just use that. Thanks for the video and must say i’m jelous of your scenery ha

  4. Hi thanks for your comment, we also offer tough cases which are dedicated currently for the iPhone 3 / 4 / 4s and also Samsung Galaxy S2 which will allow hardwire cables to be attached etc.

    With regards to the scenery, if only the road surfaces were as good and it would be perfect. The road footage is all up around the north west coast of Scotland.

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