Mobile Phones Japan: NTT DoCoMo

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Mobile Phones Japan: NTT DoCoMo
Some of the main japanese mobile phones commercialized by NTT DoCoMo carrier


39 thoughts on “Mobile Phones Japan: NTT DoCoMo

  1. I bet the Europeans just get the shit phones from Asia D:
    stop keeping the good ones for yourself ;__;

  2. imagine I´m from Mexico and i only get what the americans(USA) buy, if something doesn’t like them we never are going to get it, sad but true!

  3. i love how some americans think that americas the best. although truthfull fact they are not that great in econemy.

  4. I have the htc inspire 4g, It looks better than all thes goofy ass phones, and I dont plan on going swimming with my phone so not to worried about water, and its perfectly functional to me, I dont need a phone that can wipe my ass thank you very much.

  5. US and other western influenced country are using Iphones, and android phones (ex samsung). like samsung they release so many android phones.. all touch screen phone.. not clamshell.. now even nokia is releasing full touch phone.. they want your money soo bad..

  6. yeah right… its obvious your sad.. you cant even pay stuff with your phone
    I use a Japanese phone.. i pay stuff with my phone.. i dont bring money
    i charge my phone using the sunlight.. i capture pics with 16 MP CCD Sensor Camera .. record videos under water..

    YOUR WILL NEVER HAVE WHAT I HAD 3 years Earlier maybe upto 5 years from now.. YOU STILL WONT..

    Perfectly Functional for you?? ” THATS BECAUSE THATS ALL YOU KNOW ”

  7. These are my kind of phones! I don’t like the current trend of phones now simply because I’m not the type that needs a complete touchscreen interface. I LITERALLY only use it to call, text and use search engines on the web browser. NEED THAT LAST PHONE

  8. Bring these to India please I’m so obsessed with every thing in Japan man I really love Japan ? I really want that phone ?

  9. Are there any NTT  DoCoMo emulators?  (kinda like bluestacks = android).

    I want to play Kingdom Hearts Coded (the original).  Already played the DS version, just curious to try it.

  10. Fun fact: many are water propf since japanes people like to use cellphones while they are taking baths! (Bathtubs are kind of important in japanesse culture as far as i know)

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