Mobile Phones: Greatest Tool Of The Surveillance State | Big Brother Watch

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Mobile Phones: Greatest Tool Of The Surveillance State | Big Brother Watch
Abby Martin takes a look at the 40th anniversary of the mobile phone, a device that once helped usher in a communications revolution, but has now transformed into the most power tool of the surveillance state.

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30 thoughts on “Mobile Phones: Greatest Tool Of The Surveillance State | Big Brother Watch

  1. We’ve been trained to think if we go out without our phones we will miss some important call or text.
    Yes, it’s easier to keep in touch with your parents so they know you’re safe, but before the cell phone existed, our parents did just fine, did they not?

  2. Unfortunately, the Hussein Admin’s DOJ has argued that Americans “have no reasonable expectation of privacy on their cell phones.” That’s scary! The Founders didn’t know about cell phones, but they inserted the 4th Amend. into the BOR because they understood that govt is a major source of tyranny & needs to be checked. Abby, while you’re whining about corporations–you mentioned that mobile carriers are REQUIRED BY LAW to track you. Who the hell do you think made that law Einstein?

  3. The establishment is moving in on all fronts, the fact that they are so bold is key. They are coming for it all! Our privacy, our guns, our land and our children! Warn everyone, make preparations.

  4. Not to mention while the Western World uses these high tech gadgets inexpensively the ones manufacturing them (the “primitive natives” who make them) are the ones who suffer.
    And don’t you just love America?

  5. WTF? It’s not a “rebuttal” at all, that’s precisely my point, the arbiters of morality are the most immoral of people.

  6. 1:14 Great point about batteries & the reason I haven’t bought Apple in a while. Had the 4g iPod way back when. Loved it. Got a 30g iPod & it did not come with a clip/strap/holster to attach it to myself. That truly offended me. They actually sell this WITHOUT an attachment. You greedy ______. Anyway, I dropped it in a cup of water, & because I can’t take out the power source it has sat on a shelf useless ever since. If you remove batteries from a wet device you can dry it out and save it.

  7. hey Abby your very pretty and intelligent woman. Great job, I wish you success and health in this truth journey. Peace.

  8. Having a cell phone can be a great life saver. Image your car broken down 10 miles from the nearest town. At the same time the government can track every movement you make. The moral of the story,”What can work for you. Can work against you!”.

  9. This is why america is so fucked up.  Nobody cares about there liberties or freedoms being taken away.  Nobody care about unconstitutional surveillance.  All they care about is being able to talk, text, and play their facebook games 24/7.

  10. How lucky some of us are to be able to remember a time when it was possible to drive out to visit friends, go to visit a few bars with them, walk back to their house, sit socialising, stay overnight, then drive home the next day. All without being, (or have the potential to be), under surveillance. I am so glad I lived in those times.
    Some people who lived in those times also remeber that the big paranoia of the age was Communism. Part of the paranoia was the unnecessary surveillance of citizens. And here we are, it’s happened, not through the ballot box, but through technological advances.

  11. There’s a good rule to follow if you value personal freedom – if your cellphone has a battery you can’t remove, don’t buy it, because why would a cellphone have such a feature?

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