Mobile Phone Fingerprint Spoof Attacks

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Mobile Phone Fingerprint Spoof Attacks
Kai Cao and Anil Jain have used spoofing to unlock mobile phones with only ink and paper.


30 thoughts on “Mobile Phone Fingerprint Spoof Attacks

  1. Well, that’s pretty smart. Scanning the fingerprints from the device
    itself, printing them and then scanning with the phone’s scanner… Well,
    it’s sounds pretty simple and that’s scary. Of course, probably nobody will
    do that with a stolen phone, but if the vulnerability could be fixed it
    would be great.

  2. This is FAKE it is not possible to open With 2d , ( fps usles 3D ) ..he is
    useing the same finger , and it is Reading thru the paper. Just try it at

  3. What i say is that it is possible , to unlock the Phone ,With Thin paper
    between your sensor and finger ( i have a honnor7 and it is possible ) and
    what i Can see they use the same FINGER…… Thaks why i say FAKE….Pls
    also look who sponsored this scam …..

  4. what if the finger has to be swiped on the sensor (i.e. Note 4)? I guess
    it’d be hard – not to say impossible – to scan the fingerprint…

  5. Is it possible that the fingerprint reader is reading through the paper? I
    can put tape over my iPhone 6s and it still reads my fingerprint

  6. Thank you for working on this Michigan State University. This will just
    push the manufacturers to make the tech better.

  7. you could fake apples fingerprint also and if you be careful your device
    will not get lost so who cares

  8. And what? Who can take finger print information from android smartphone and
    make from this material with fingerprint relief?

  9. Sure it works, but how will you do this without knowing which finger is
    used? Pretty much fear mongering as it wont affect most people. Unless
    specific people are targeted this isnt really an issue and then you might
    as well cut off their finger or threaten them to unlock it 😛 If you store
    much personal info on your phone with only a fingerprint its your own
    fault, data should be encrypted as well or at least have another layer of
    security .

  10. This experiment does not have any benefit, because when your mobile is
    stolen, the first thing done conc > button so I will pick up another finger
    put on screen, it is a way not to have any benefit, and are merely
    interpretations, thank you.

  11. So they have to get my phone and then they have to get my fingerprint and
    then they have to get a printer and get conductive ink (and the paper
    looked special).

    Is this really what I have to worry about. Seriously?

  12. مازال الامر صعب جدا….هذا ماخذ بصمته وطابعها بورق وطابعة معينه…يعني انت
    بالاول احصل عالبصمه كيف تحصلها لصاحب التلفون

    يعني لازم تكون بالمباحث الجنائية

  13. Have you not got anything else to do other than publishing ways to hack
    phones on the Internet for all to see!! No wonder our phones get hacked
    when your publishing videos showing how to do it?.

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