How To Get Free Ringtones On Most Virgin Mobile Phones

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How To Get Free Ringtones On Most Virgin Mobile Phones
this worked for me. i have a rumor touch by virgin mobile. all you need is a micro SD card and a USB phone charger/ file share cord


35 thoughts on “How To Get Free Ringtones On Most Virgin Mobile Phones

  1. For anyone that cant get the text ones to work, only certain emails work for it. I have been trying to use hotmail forever but it never worked. I just used yahoo for the first time and it worked no problem.

  2. well i tried to do the second part but it wouldn’t work everytime i changed the mp3 to qcp it wasnt song anymore. can someone explain how u do this plz

  3. thanks so much, I didn’t need the second step to send the file to email. Once I put the file into the new folder it went right to my phone rings. Great tutorial!!

  4. i bought an lg rumor touch a few days ago and im going out to buy a micro sd card right now just cause of this video….if it doesn’t work im blaming you XD lol

  5. Ok the ring tones are working but I dont know what to do when you get the email on your phone…….an attachment doesn’t show up or anything………………….can you please help?

  6. Please use my kickback code for 60 additional free mins when you activate Virgin Mobile -thx.
    The code is : TYcUJQVp ( it is case sensitive ) .

  7. Piece of cake dude! I’m a old fart & I did it. Thanks a million. My tech support from Virgin Modile had no clue to what I should do. I have a Koycera Rise. Danka!!!

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