Hak5 – Mobile Phone TV Output Over USB!

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Hak5 – Mobile Phone TV Output Over USB!
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Darren interviews the President of MHL, LLC to find out what exactly it is. It’s a new video standard tv output from your phone to your TV that you can use to stream high quality video, play games, and access anything else from your phone on your TV. And you don’t have to worry about draining your battery when watching video- MHL actually charges your phone while you stream! But the best part: you plug it in and just works.

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15 thoughts on “Hak5 – Mobile Phone TV Output Over USB!

  1. Oh no. MHL. Another way to make it easyer to spy on, control, and steal you and your info. You life. TV auto connect ‘s to phone no matter type. Auto sync. And a nice little common infrared light controller to take over from a distance. What ever. Most people don’t really have lives worth stealing now a days . Anyways

  2. I’ve tried the mhl devices with my ZTE Axon and Samsung tab S2, nothing worked until I bought a Chromecast but this video comes from 2012 FFS.

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