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Different Types Of SEO Services & Their Functions

SEO or search engine optimization is a very complex process that comes with different types of service. The main goal of the search engine optimization is to maximize the visibility of your website so that you get the maximum traffic increasing the sales and profits. But to do this, there are a lot of different things that you have to take care of. Of course, the modern technology offers different tools too to make the SEO process much easier and better. But you always need a professional SEO service to get the best result. There different types of SEO services  in Boston.

Types of SEO Services

Of course, SEO is an important factor of your business’s online presence. Without that, it is almost impossible to gain the popularity, brand awareness and traffic flow. But SEO is not limited to one or two elements. There are a lot of different services that fall under the SEO. The search engine optimization services can be divided into different parts:

  1. Technical SEO

As this section of the SEO service deals with the technical parameters it is considered as the technical SEO. There are many technical aspects that can affect the visibility of the website in the search engines. The main functions of the technical SEO services are to check as well as optimize the website according to the algorithm of the search engine. It also deals with finding and fixing any crawl errors. Besides all these, it is also about making your web page of your business completely SEO friendly.

  1. On-Page SEO

The on-page SEO service deals with the page itself. It looks upon how you can make the website friendlier to the users as well as to the search engines. You should know that the search engines look at any website as a whole and then it decides about the ranking based on the level of the page. On-page SEO covers a lot of different and important aspects including keyword, contents, page titles, H1 Tags, headlines, page formatting and visual media. Contents are the most important part of any webpage and it is one of the subset of on-page SEO.

  1. Off-page SEO

This is all about the promotion. While the previous services focus more on the infrastructure of the website and the contents, this deals with the techniques that you can use for promoting your website. There are different ways by which an SEO service can promote your business’s website online. One of the most effective ways is by link building. The more promotion you can do for your business, the website will get a better rank in the search engine result pages.


These are the most important and essential SEO services that you need to get for your business. Most of the reliable and efficient SEO companies offer all the best quality services. You need to make sure that you are choosing the best company for your business. You need to make your online presence more attractive and drive maximum quality traffic to your website. This can increase the brand awareness among people which can lead to more sales too.


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