Dangerous Driver USING 3 MOBILE PHONES!!! @StopKillingCycl #DontRiskIt #mobile #phone

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Dangerous Driver USING 3 MOBILE PHONES!!! @StopKillingCycl #DontRiskIt #mobile #phone
Untaxed vehicle, MGIF, Close Pass, Speeding, dangerous driving around Cyclists, all of this while using 3 MOBILE PHONES!!! During my commute I see many drivers on their mobile phones, but this guy really takes the Mickey, 3 devices!!! One in each hand + one on his lap, possibly listening to music. To top that up he drivers dangerously around cyclists while using a bus lane which he’s not allowed.
Because one in 3 drivers are on their phone I do not bother reporting it anymore, unless of course is accompanied by poor driving, which in this case is atrocious!

Registration number: SW11AVU
Body type: Mpv
Colour: Black
Date of first registration: May 2011


14 thoughts on “Dangerous Driver USING 3 MOBILE PHONES!!! @StopKillingCycl #DontRiskIt #mobile #phone

  1. theres a police van right there you should have told them!!!!

    he came up to close tot he cyclist bwehind you, passed you too close and had THREE phones!!!
    his vehicle is untaxed, he doesnt care about a single law in existance!!!
    id be willing to bet he is a drug dealer

  2. most likely a local crack cocaine or cannabis drug dealer who is very busy driving and talking to his addict customers. this guy should be reported to the police. his car is also untaxed. i suspect he might not have a licence too.

  3. What a disgraceful piece of driving from someone who has no respect for anyone else on the road. Having a baby on board notice in his back window, that is if it refers to any offspring of his, he is asking that other road users look out for his children, whilst putting the lives of other parents children in peril. He is obviously selfish,greedy and downright dangerous, there should be no place in this society for him. Keep up the good work in bringing this type of human excrement to the attention of the public. Ride safe.

  4. hahaha he probably can’t afford road tax after that many phones. but boy he was on it, ever heard of conference call where you can merge multiple calls into one?

    hahaha you should’ve told the police in front, they would have never believed you but their reaction would’ve been great!

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