Dangerous Driver USING 3 MOBILE PHONES!!! @StopKillingCycl #DontRiskIt #mobile #phone

Dangerous Driver USING 3 MOBILE PHONES!!! @StopKillingCycl #DontRiskIt #mobile #phone
Untaxed vehicle, MGIF, Close Pass, Speeding, dangerous driving around Cyclists, all of this while using 3 MOBILE PHONES!!! During my commute I see many drivers on their mobile phones, but this guy really takes the Mickey, 3 devices!!! One in each hand + one on his lap, possibly listening to music. To top that up he drivers dangerously around cyclists while using a bus lane which he’s not allowed.
Because one in 3 drivers are on their phone I do not bother reporting it anymore, unless of course is accompanied by poor driving, which in this case is atrocious!

Registration number: SW11AVU
Body type: Mpv
Colour: Black
Date of first registration: May 2011


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