Crazy Popcorn – Mobile Phone And Corn

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Crazy Popcorn – Mobile Phone And Corn
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24 thoughts on “Crazy Popcorn – Mobile Phone And Corn

  1. Some people will believe anything. Sure they transmit microwaves, but there is no way a mobile phone can transmit enough microwaves to heat anything up, let alone popcorn. This is clearly a fake.
    Try it yourselves! Unless of course you don’t have enough friends…. which is likely.

  2. never mind i think it is real and stop shouting!you girls are what in high school or collage! I am not born in June 14,1982. I am born in June 14,1999! I am 9 and not scared! So get a life you guys and chicks! Also go to HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. The same as i have 3 cell phones. And if I’d search carefully I could find 4th cell phone in my house. All of them are mine, and they dont belong to my family members.

  4. Wow Mike it is really amazing discovery! And you know what? I bought 3000 cellphones and popped corn 24 hours a day for the last 6 months!! I almost have 2 bags now! It’s amazing Mike!

  5. It’s true because cell phones really higher the level of brain cancer. It’s proven that the radiation is extremely high and very dangerous and could cause cancer. I read that the government in France wants to deal with it and try to convince the people. Also there is an organisation in German which does research about the radiation of cell phones. Enough prove people but the cell phone companies are hiding the truth.

  6. The hoax is made by using the magnetron of a microwave oven. It is removed from the oven while still keeping all the connections attached, and placed one feet under a table pointing upward. Directly above on top of the table is where you would place the corn, set the microwave oven to 15 seconds, after which time the corn will pop. Why are the table or the phones not destroyed? It’s the same as when you put food in the microwave and your plastic container is not destroyed.

  7. No, I don’t know everything but this is a fact. Think out of the box, don’t let the government brainwash you.

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