Digital Marketing

COVID-19 And The Importance Of Marketing Your Business Online Now More Than Ever

Sadly, COVID-19 is likely to bring some businesses to closure. With customers not able to leave their homes, those who didn’t set up an online service before the various lock-down procedures are now paying the price. If you’re still trying to navigate the pandemic, the best advice we could provide is to continue your marketing efforts.

During a time where you’re trying to save money, it might sound counter-intuitive to keep spending on marketing and SEO Yet, we know that, in the grand scheme of things, this pandemic is only a short-term problem. When aiming for long-term performance, it’s essential to keep pushing forward.

While some brands are abandoning customers, it’s time to stand up and be counted. We aren’t saying you should continue with campaigns you started before COVID-19, but instead you could be present for customers when they need you most.

Adjusting to the Crisis

These are difficult times, and the brands seeing results are those who are showing their understanding and compassion. At the moment, you need to choose your marketing message more carefully than ever because it’s a difficult time to build an emotional connection with customers.

If possible, we recommend creating both organic and paid content that is relevant and meaningful. Could you write an article on the importance of social distancing, or perhaps on how people can communicate with loved ones even if not in person? Could you adjust your logo so that it reflects these strange times? If you can put your own goals and ‘sale-sy’ content to one side for a moment, you will generate interest, which can indirectly lead to exposure and sales.

Additionally, it seems that email marketing is making a return, and this is because consumers are actively looking for updates from their favorite brands. While most of the time they ignore brand emails, marketing is all about providing customers with what they need, and this has changed. While some are informing customers of the ways in which they’re helping the community, others are informing of their opening hours (either in a physical store or online).

In truth, the way you interact with customers right now could determine your relationship with them once COVID-19 fades away. Therefore, we recommend sending personalized messages and avoiding automated communication wherever you can.

Using Social Media

If you aren’t already, use social media to keep customers updated and informed during the pandemic. As well as informing, you can also use social media to entertain. Let’s not forget, people are sitting at home for long periods of the day, unable to work. From a marketing perspective, this is a dream scenario because they have the time to consume as much content as they want.

As we head towards summer, why not spruce up your social media profiles and bring a little freshness to the pages? From here, inform customers of updates and news while also producing interesting or entertaining content. If you’re in one of the difficult industries – like travel or entertainment – you’ve certainly been hit hardest, but this doesn’t mean you should roll over and give up. Instead, adopt a new strategy depending on how you can help customers best.

Tracking and Improving

As well as following our advice, it’s also essential that you keep tabs on consumer behavior and note how it changes. Once COVID-19 finally fades away and doesn’t affect our lives quite so dramatically, we’re sure there will be a permanent shift in customer behavior. If you can spot these changes early, and accommodate them, you will enjoy quick success again.

Finally, try to avoid product launches for now and focus on long-term growth and performance rather than this frustrating short-term situation we find ourselves in. Keep marketing online, pay attention to your audience, and keep going!