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Merging Mobile Technology With Hosted Phone Systems

hosted business phoneThe future is here. Never has it been easier to communicate on the go then it is now with hosted business phone systems. Mobile technology has made it possible for individuals and businesses alike to stay connected all hours of the day. But recently it has become even more empowering for business owners. The work from home generation is upon us, more people telecommute then ever before. The ability to intelligently route phone calls through a hosted phone solution gives management the ability to send calls to an employee working diligently at their desk, or directly to the hands of an employee working comfortably from their couch. The mobile merge is here, and I love it!!

Hosted Phone Systems

The hosted systems are nice for many reasons, but I’ll share with you a few. First, as a business owner with a brick and mortar presence it a luxury not dealing with a hosted PBX system, or standard POTS lines for that matter. KSU systems and punch down blocks are about to be a thing of the past. No more hiring telco techs to come out to a location to fix down lines, now you can hire a communications company to provide you with a hosted solution that may include data backup, internet, storage solutions, VOIP, and/or hosted PBX solutions. The broad spectrum of services provided by these companies can range from basic services to enterprise level voice and data services.


The features available for businesses to integrate their mobile technology with their hosted systems is as advanced as I have seen. Employees can forward or transfer calls back and forth as if they are under the same roof. The ability to transfer a call to an extension and actually have it ring someone out of state is a priceless example of efficiency. People need to communicate, by merging mobile devices with a hosted business phone system, businesses can enjoy the best of both worlds, happy employees and a productive business.

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