Advantages of an Independent Schools System

A system of Independent school is called “independent” as this school system is not dependent on its governance or in finances. They are also referred to as private-funded, private, non-state, or non-government schools. State or national or local governments don’t administer these schools.

Independent schools- Better or not?

The answer lies in the interests of parents and the students. Even though all schools tend to expect a lot from their students, in independent schools, parents do have an extra edge and power in pushing students and teachers. Teachers are also offered a lot more flexibility as the working environment and pay are better than state school systems.

Benefits of Independent School systems

The following advantages are to be noted:

  • The Independent system is not a board of public schools and governed with a set of trustee boards. The school is supported by charitable contributions, endowment revenue, and tuition payments.
  • The school teachers are free to create classes for a student experience meeting their educational needs. They can make use of testing, curriculum, and textbooks.
  • Education is goal-oriented. These independent schools are available boarding school or single/co-ed or day school. These school systems is driven by their values, philosophy, and their teaching approach. The educational system is wide and diverse.
  • They maintain higher standards in academics. These school systems stimulate individual development, encouraging critical thinking, nurturing intelligence, and motivating learning and love for learning long term.
  • The students enroll in different advanced courses as compared to parochial, private, and public schools.
  • The classes are small that permit personal attention. Lower teacher-student interaction enables educational associations between students and teachers.
  • Teachers are known to teach excellently as they have the freedom to teach by creating their methods and with their expertise. Their understanding of student’s interests, learning styles and inspiring them to learn is deep.
  • Students graduating from independent schools possess a greater chance to finish their degree in education.
  • Besides education, the child studying in an independent school has overall personal and social growth due to other activities and interactions.
  • The school system encourages artistic activities, athletic competitions, leadership, and other school-sponsored curricular activities.
  • This school system fosters vibrant communities and fosters student’s diverse talent and skills.
  • They encourage regular communication amongst teachers with parents and students to ensure a common ground on working on student’s overall growth.
  • Parents also engage actively in student’s growth. The teachers and staff value the parent’s participation. They update their progress and involvement through parent-teacher meetings.
  • They undertake any age group and charge more than public schools as they are not financed or governed by the government.
  • These school systems employ fest days, open days, and employ magazines where students exhibit their talents on a broad level. These skills encourage them on personal growth and outgoing any stage or other associated fears of public speaking.


Independent schools in Tampa have a learning philosophy where the overall growth of the child is mandatory. They involve their students and their parents in an active role. The motivation of learning here is meant for life long. The child is individually understood based on their learning style, skill, and intelligence. Accordingly, the student is assisted in learning. Not just education, social, civic, and artistic interests are equally considered in student’s development.

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