Using Mobile Apps To Unlock Your Car And More

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Smartphone Apps To Unlock Card Doors The smartphone has revolutionized how people live their lives. Phones are used for directions, most taxi services including Lyft and Uber have cell phones mounted to their dashboards for navigation. This makes it convenient for anyone committing to quickly access apps like Google maps to easily find the quickest […]

Energy Efficient Mobile Technology

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Solar Powered Mobile Technology Mobile technology has embraced solar power as they advance technology to improve performance and become greener. Cell phones are a major part of everyone’s life and understanding how these tools can be improved with solar technology and solar mobile applications will only make for a longer, more prosperous industry in the […]

Mobile Plumbing Apps

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Smart Plumbing And The Apps That Monitor Water leaks can be one of the most damaging disasters to happen in your home. During winter months when pipes freeze in the walls, then crack, it can sometimes go unnoticed and that water leak could continue for months without your knowledge. The damage it can do to […]

Gym In Tucson AZ Designs Mobile App

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Health And Fitness Gym In Tucson Arizona Designs Mobile Fitness App A gym in Tucson Arizona has partnered with our developers to create one of the most advanced fitness apps that exists for mobile devices. The Tucson based gym Boxing Inc. came up with the concept when one of their personal trainers received a complaint […]

Pet Scan Pest Control Application

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Mobile Application For Pest Control Companies There are plenty of do it yourself exterminators patrolling their own yards looking for signs of rodents and seasonal pests. There also happens to be plenty of small time pest control companies that are a one man show, both of these guys could use the added convenience of a […]

Remote Automotive App

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Automotive Application For Starting Vehicles Remotely Most of us can’t imagine how much cooler cellular technology can get, we now have cell phones in our pockets that are more powerful than the computers manufactured in the 1980’s. It’s no surprise though that the devices are getting faster and the applications are becoming more sophisticated. Those […]

Police Sirens Ringtone RINGTONES For MOBILE PHONES

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[mobilixshortcode] Police Sirens Ringtone RINGTONES For MOBILE PHONES download here Funny Ringtone playlist here Please see my SOUND EFFECT playlist here Alarm / Siren Sound Effects and ANIMAL Sounds playlist Crying/Screaming Sounds Gun and Bullet Sound Effects Car Sound Playlist Birdsong playlist here Halloween Sound Effects Prank Audio here Over 300 great Sound Effects with […]