Surfactant Chemicals – Overview

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A surfactant or a surface-active agent is a blend of any surface and active chemical agent. Surfactants or Surfactant chemicals are compounds that bond instantly to each other. By doing so, they generate sealed bubbles. These molecules decrease the interfacial/surface tension between a liquid-solid or liquid-liquid or a gas-liquid. Surfactants can be an emulsifier, detergent, dispersant, a […]

Invisalign and Its Cost in the US

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Since 1999, Invisalign is a one-stop solution for the remedial of crooked and non-aligned teeth. It is widely prevalent among teenagers and adults alike. What is Invisalign? Invisalign is first conceptualized and then manufactured by Align Technology, a Californian multi-national company producing medical-devices and equipment. Since 2000, it has become immensely popular throughout the US. […]

Advantages of an Independent Schools System

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A system of Independent school is called “independent” as this school system is not dependent on its governance or in finances. They are also referred to as private-funded, private, non-state, or non-government schools. State or national or local governments don’t administer these schools. Independent schools- Better or not? The answer lies in the interests of […]